rare nyc showing aug 4th 2016

Garret Linn is showing excerpts from C-TWON a film in production at laboratories.comThe screen is at the IFP Media Center 6-9pm nymediacenter.com/events/ev...

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video art as object

Video Art — a fluid term used to denote the presence of an artist and electronic images in the process of making said thing.A limiting misnomer with little use and too many overreaching meanings. But one that will not be replaced with any better term.


thoughts about 4k and the disappearance of the frame

The visual quality of image is always key to an artist. Some may need perfection, the best pigments, the purest of source material, the most perfect lens; but many embrace the ephemeral, the materials at hand, the cheap house paint for the sake of the color and not the rare or archival qualities. The artist's concept, the process, and the execution needs always to reflect back upon each other. If we regard film as art we see a progression of technologies changing the materials and processes at a brisk clip. Many rue the death of the cinema palace, an end to celluloid film, the pulldown film ga…