laboratories was founded in the mid 80’s as art logic laboratories by Garret Linn and Wolfgang Hershey. A boutique style production and post production company in lower manhattan, it was one of many that sprang up in reaction to the then new small digital cameras along with the almost affordable Avid editing system. Catering to other small production companies; the work varied from editorial for independent films and documentaries, to digital animations for television and cable, to production of corporate videos.

laboratories today focuses on narrative and documentary film production and technology support for film makers. We provide affordable and flexible solutions for post production; final color correction, final mix, title design and creation of digital masters.

laboratories has always worked closely with artists and arts organizations. laboratories provides full production support for artists of all types and for various sorts of projects ranging from technology development for installation to design to production to documentation. Some of artists we have worked with have been Kyong Park, Marjetica Potrc, Michael Joo, Tavares Strachan, Hans Schabus, Martin Beck, Instituto Divoriciado and others. A few of the organizations we have supported and collaborated with have been The Asia Society, onestar press, Maysles Documentary Center, Orchard Gallery and others